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Welcome to my site!

I bring over fifteen years of writing, admin and high level organizational experience to your business or non profit.  I am interested in developing projects in education, environmental concerns and health & safety.

I am proud to be a member of Valence Community

My clients come from many different industries; fashion, art, entertainment, law, high end industrial services, and charitable non profits.  I have gained a wide range of experience.  I am now focusing on the development of businesses and non profits interested in improving education, health & safety, and the environment.  I will take the time to listen to your needs and develop an effective, custom made approach.

Why social media free?  The white whale of social media is to equal the effectiveness of one person-to-person email.  I rely on the recommendations of past clients, their repeat business, and the connections I grow with new clients.  In this way, my clients are always first.




"Without Erin Schweickert’s help I could never have ever completed, let alone even attempted to publish my book. Erin not only edited and formatted the book, she resized photographs and also negotiated the entire process of publishing and marketing the book on several retail outlets. In addition to this work, she redesigned all my professional websites and organized several seminars, speaking engagements and an entire month long teaching course at a film school. Without her, I don’t believe I would have achieved absolutely any of these tasks. I cannot possibly recommend her and the services she offers, highly enough."

Andy Armstrong

Los Angeles, California USA



"Bringing StuntList over from “Joomla” platform to “Drupal 8” was not an easy task, and I don’t believe it would have been possible without Erin’s help and guidance when dealing with all the challenges and work needed.  I highly recommend Erin, her services and what she brings to the table for any new or established business."

David Mylrea
StuntList Admin & Founder
President of Loose Horse Productions Ltd. 

British Columbia, Canada

"Very organized and clear instructions on how to increase traffic to my website and social media.  A lot of knowledge of website design and formatting to increase the flow and ease of use.  Provided detailed information and outlines for improvements.  I will recommend to my friends who have websites."

Sam T.

Los Angeles, California USA





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